State And Federal White Collar Crimes, Houston, TX

When facing prosecution a white collar crime, a good defense attorney and legal counsel is vital. Brian M. Roberts Law is qualified to serve you as your white collar crime defense attorney & legal counsel.

Although they collectively are referred to as “white collar crimes,” these types of cases actually take on a variety of forms and concern a significant array of different subject matters. For example, so-called white collar crimes include criminal prosecutions stemming from the operation of a business enterprise, crimes involving other types of economic issues, and cases arising from issues pertaining to taxes and taxation. Indeed, there are many other types of economic and related crimes that are categorized under the white collar umbrella.

Prosecution of a white collar crime can also take place on the federal and state levels. In some instances, a person can be charged with different white collar crimes in both state and federal courts simultaneously.

Of course, if you have learned that you are facing indictment or prosecution for some sort of white collar crime, you certainly are experiencing a range of different emotions. If you are being honest with yourself, you are scared, angry, confused, embarrassed – and more. The one factor that you must understand is that if you are at a juncture at which a criminal indictment or prosecution is in the offing you are not in the best possible position to make the most appropriate decisions regarding your legal situation. You absolutely must retain competent, experienced and reputable legal counsel immediately.

If you have already been indicted, if a white collar criminal prosecution already has been commenced against you, you literally have no time to spare in retaining a criminal defense attorney. The clock is running and you need someone in your corner now not only to defend your rights but to advance your interests.

Houston criminal attorney Brian Roberts has extensive experience in the realm of white collar crimes. Brian has dedicated himself to providing effective criminal defense to people in precisely the shoes you are in today.

Additionally, previously in his career, Brian was a Special Crimes prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Through this role, he oversaw the prosecution of a great many cases involving white collar crime. Because of his unique background, Brian is in the best possible position to provide you the most potent defense possible when you are facing charges arising from an allegation of white collar crime.


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