Marijuana Offenses Defense Lawyer, Houston, TX

If you are facing marijuana criminal charges, Brian M. Roberts Law is available to serve as your defense attorney. We offer specialized service as your marijuana criminal charges defense attorney.

Although there seems to be something of a growing debate about marijuana laws, and while there are some limited instances in which marijuana can be utilized in some places in the United States for medicinal purposes, the fact is that there remain marijuana offenses on the books in the State of Texas. Indeed, perhaps you have found yourself charged with one or another of marijuana offenses for which people can be prosecuted: possession, sales or some other similar type of crime.

In seeking a Houston criminal attorney or Houston criminal law firm to represent you in regard to marijuana offenses, there are some factors that you definitely will want to keep in mind. First, experience is important when it comes to an effective criminal defense in a case involving marijuana offenses.

Second, in considering a Houston criminal attorney or Houston criminal law firm to provide you representation pertaining to marijuana offenses, you also must have a capable attorney who understands the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. You must have a lawyer at your side who knows how to best protect your rights in the midst of a very complicated court system.
Finally, on a related note, you need a Houston criminal attorney or Houston criminal law firm that has the necessary resources to ensure that you obtain the most powerful criminal defense possible in your case involving marijuana offenses.

Brian Roberts is a criminal defense lawyer who has the experience, understanding and resources necessary to ensure that you have the most effective representation possible in regard to marijuana offenses.

Few attorneys have the type of experience that Brian possesses. Not only does Brian have a successful history of defending people in criminal cases, he also served as a Special Crimes prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. He definitely understands how the criminal justice system works – and how to best make this system work for you.

Finally, through his firm he has all of the resources necessary to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you are forcefully defended against marijuana offenses.


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When your life and liberty are at stake, you need a lawyer who knows how to navigate the complicated criminal justice system. Brian M. Roberts believes that every client deserves a strong defense, whether they are a first-offender or someone with multiple convictions. As a criminal defense attorney, Brian M. Roberts has extensive experience and will wage a strong defense for you. Do not hesitate. If you have a problem, we encourage you to call us today for your free, confidential consultation.