Legal Right To An Attorney & Legal Representation When Under Arrest, Houston, TX

You have a legal right to an attorney and legal representation when you are placed under arrest. Brian M. Roberts Law is available to guard your rights in such instances.

You cannot watch a crime drama on the big screen or on television without hearing a police officer rattle off the rights a person has when arrested. In the end, there are extremely significant reasons why one of these rights is to have a lawyer present during questioning by the police. No matter what a police officer might tell you, if he or she is questioning you as a suspect the officer is not there to help you or to look out for your interests in any way.

Nothing in life presents the type of complex challenges that exist when you find yourself under arrest for a crime. Additionally, for most people, being taken into custody by law enforcement officials is a terribly emotional experience. Therefore, when arrested you are being forced to make very difficult decisions at a point in time when you understandably are the least personally equipped to do so.

On many levels, the arrest and the period of time immediately following can prove to be the most crucial juncture in the course of any criminal case. Police officers understand how vulnerable even the most strong willed and intelligent people are at this point in time. Consequently, they make every effort to obtain information directly from you before you have the chance to consult with an attorney and make more thoughtful decisions in your own time.

If you are facing arrest or if you have been arrested – no matter what the allegations being made against you – talking to the police is not in your best interest. The most important step for you to take if you are facing arrest or when you have been arrested is to contact a lawyer immediately.

Because of the complexities of the criminal justice system – and because of the significant nature of what you have at stake when arrested – not any lawyer will do when it comes to ensuring proper representation. Rather, you must ensure that you are represented by a lawyer who has specific and extensive experience in assisting clients who have been arrested. You must have a lawyer who understands the judicial process, how the police work and your rights.

Having been a Trial Bureau and Special Crimes prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office before becoming a defense lawyer, Brian Roberts has a thorough understanding of the arrest and investigatory process – and what you have at stake before, during and after an arrest. Because of his years of experience in the criminal justice system, he is a lawyer who will take all steps necessary to completely and fully protect your rights and your interests during the arrest process.

By making sure that you have Brian on your side at the time you are facing arrest or immediately after you have been arrested – before you do anything else, before you make any statement whatsoever – you will be in the best possible position to defend your case.


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