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If you are facing charges related to a field sobriety test, Brian M. Roberts Law is available to provide you a legal defense attorney. We offer specialized service as your field sobriety test legal defense attorney.

There is an often used saying that “it could happen to anyone.” Indeed, we hear this in casual conversation each and every day. Frankly, when it comes to the concept of “it could happen to anyone,” one area in which there is a great deal of truth to this statement is that of driving while legally intoxicated. The fact is that for some individuals even a very small amount of alcohol – a couple of drinks, for example – can be more than enough to place them over the legal limit when it comes to DWI laws in the State of Texas.

With that understood, if you find yourself having been pulled over by the police and asked to perform field sobriety tests, you need to understand your legal rights and obligations. You need to consult with an attorney promptly if you have been subjected to field sobriety tests and charged with driving while intoxicated.

You must understand that the consequences of negative results from field sobriety tests can impact your driver’s license, your professional life, your personal life … even your freedom. You must not underestimate the vital importance of obtaining the most effective legal defense to assist you in regard to field sobriety tests.

Your best option in addressing these serious ramifications is to hire a lawyer who understands DWI and similar types of cases from both sides of the fence. You need a lawyer who understands not only how these types of cases are defended but how they are prosecuted as well.

In this regard, Brian Roberts has the experience and tenacity necessary to provide you the professional assistance you must have in these circumstances. Prior to becoming a defense lawyer, Brian Roberts made his career as Special Crimes prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. He understands the ins and outs of field sobriety tests, DWI and related types of cases.

No matter what the police may tell you, no matter what you might see on television, field sobriety tests are not perfect. Mistakes can be made. Moreover, and as has been mentioned previously, you do not lose all of your rights when you have been stopped and directed to perform field sobriety tests. In other words, with the immediate assistance of an experienced attorney like Brian, you have the opportunity to mount a viable and effective defense in the aftermath of undertaking field sobriety tests.


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