Cocaine Offenses, Houston, TX

If you’re facing cocaine criminal charges, Brian M. Roberts will represent you as your cocaine criminal trial defense lawyer.
If you are facing cocaine criminal charges leading to trial, Brian M. Roberts Law is available to serve as your defense lawyer. We offer specialised service as your cocaine criminal trial defense lawyer.

You cannot turn on the television or log onto the Internet and World Wide Web today without hearing about the zero tolerance the judicial system has for cocaine offenses and other drug related crimes. In fact, when it comes to cocaine offenses and other drug crimes, the Lone Star State has taken a particularly aggressive approach to prosecuting people charged with these crimes. The penalties associated with a conviction for cocaine offenses and related crimes are significant. Long jail terms are the norm and not the exception.
If you have found yourself facing a charge involving cocaine offenses or other drug related crimes, you must obtain the legal advice and assistance of a Houston criminal attorney that has the experience and the fortitude necessary to fully and completely protect your rights and interests. Because of the tremendous consequences of being charged – and convicted – of cocaine offenses or other drug crimes you must have a skilled and effective criminal lawyer in your corner.

While there are numerous Houston criminal attorneys and Houston criminal law firms in business today, you must make certain that you retain a lawyer that has an established track record handling cocaine offenses and other serious drug crimes. Brian Roberts is an example of such a Houston criminal attorney that has the experience, the reputation and the resources necessary to provide you the defense you need to fight charges including cocaine offenses and other types of drug crimes.

Whether the cocaine offenses you have allegedly committed involve personal use or selling, Brian has worked with men and women in precisely the position you find yourself in today. Moreover, before becoming a criminal defense attorney, Brian was a Special Crimes prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. As a result, he understands the mechanics and dynamics of the criminal justice system and puts this experience to work every day defending his clients against charges, including cocaine offenses and other types of drug crimes.

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When your life and liberty are at stake, you need a lawyer who knows how to navigate the complicated criminal justice system. Brian M. Roberts believes that every client deserves a strong defense, whether they are a first-offender or someone with multiple convictions. As a criminal defense attorney, Brian M. Roberts has extensive experience and will wage a strong defense for you. Do not hesitate. If you have a problem, we encourage you to call us today for your free, confidential consultation.