Simply because a proceeding doesn’t take place in a courtroom before a judge doesn’t mean that it is not important (and extremely so). Each and every year people just like you are ordered to appear at administrative hearings. Some of these individuals elect to forgo obtaining legal representation for these proceedings. For whatever reason, there are occasions in which people do not appropriately appreciate the significance of being involved in an administrative hearing or related type of proceeding.

Despite the fact that an administrative hearing may not have all of the trappings of a court trial, the reality is that any order from such a proceeding can have serious consequences. For example, an order from these hearings can impose sanctions on you that can include everything from the suspension of a license (drivers license, professional or occupational license, certain types of permits and so forth) to monetary penalties. In the end, the decision that can be rendered following an administrative hearing can have a significantly negative impact on a person’s life and wellbeing. The negative consequences of an order following an administrative hearing can last for many years.

If you have received notice that you must appear at an administrative hearing, it is vital that you obtain appropriate representation from a Houston law firm. You need to obtain legal advice and assistance from a Houston attorney that understands the administrative hearing process. Brian Roberts has distinguished himself with his abilities associated with representing people in proceedings of all types.

Through early intervention in the administrative process, Brian is the Houston lawyer who will be able to provide you an effective defense and will be able to best ensure that you have the most favorable results following an administrative hearing or proceeding.

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