Administrative License Suspensions,
Houston, TX

If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, you likely have come quickly to understand that a DWI charge not only involves the prospect of jail time and fines but also the possible suspension of your driving privileges. Of course, it obviously is bad enough that you are facing having to spend at least some time in jail. And, the thought of paying a large fine can be hard to stomach. However, you very well may be wondering how you will manage your life – get to work, care for the children and so forth – if you are unable to drive your car, if your driver’s license is suspended.

Understanding the extremely serious ramifications that can occur when a driver’s license is suspended, you need to be as proactive as possible. In other words, when it comes to administrative license suspensions, you need to do everything that you can to “get out in front of the issue.” In this regard, the most important step that you can take is to engage the services of a Houston attorney or Houston law firm that has experience in dealing with administrative license suspensions and related issues.

While there are numerous Houston DWI attorney options available to you, not all of these lawyers are equipped with the experiences and resources necessary to give you the legal advice and assistance that is necessary to effectively prevail in the face of administrative license suspensions and proceedings. You have to ensure that you find a qualified Houston DWI attorney that also has a specific, established track record in fighting administrative license suspensions. The technical nature of these important proceedings depend on your taking this course.

With this in mind, Brian Roberts is a Houston DWI attorney that has devoted himself to developing and crafting the best possible strategies to provide his clients with effective legal advice and assistance in regard to administrative license suspensions. In this regard, not only has Brian worked as a criminal defense attorney, he has also been a Special Crimes prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Brian understands the Texas judicial and administrative systems from “both sides of the fence.” From this unique vantage point, Brian understands what needs to be done to provide you full legal representation … including what must be done to allow you the ability to keep your driver’s license following a DWI or similar type of charge.


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