Brian M. Roberts Represents Individuals Charged With Misdemeanors And Serious Felonies

Brian M. Roberts Believes in the Fundamental Concept that an Individual is Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Don’t let Them Bully You. Brian M. Roberts Rightfully Enjoys a Reputation for Aggressive, Proactive Criminal Defense. You Can Count on Us Brian M. Roberts to Examine Every Aspect of Your Case.

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With Mr. Roberts, you are not a number, you are a person with a real story.

Brian Roberts is not your corner lot attorney, or an “As Seen on TV” professional. He brings stature, and the ability to adapt to the client as the case dynamics change and deliver the best possible outcome. I hired him, he listened, he guided and had my case dismissed. Dealing with punitive action can be very stressful. Mr. Roberts will not only defend you, but take a Fatherly interest and approach to every case, he will defend you as his own. As a Veteran, I would never misguide someone on situations of this magnitude. If you need defense, Brian Roberts will listen. If you are looking for a cut-rate Attorney, you’re going to get someone that does not listen, and does not adapt. With Mr. Roberts, you are not a number, you are a person with a real story.

– T. J.
I can't thank you enough.

I can't thank you enough for the services you provided me, Mr. Roberts. When I was in a tough situation, I called on you for your help and advice. You treated me with the utmost respect and you listened to every detail. You truly cared for my well being and I sincerely appreciate everything you have done for me personally.

Your experience, knowledge, persistence, and professionalism are second to none. Any potential client should be confident in your abilities and understand that your attention to the case details -- in particular, your clear understanding of the situation and circumstances, will lead them to the most favorable result available to them. I hope to never have to use your services again, but you better believe you'll be the first person I call if need you.

– Jonathan H.
We are very thankful to God for Brian Roberts!

From the heart.....

Life presented us with some pretty dark times, we didn't know who to talk to or where to even start and then a friend gave us the name Brian Roberts. When I first met him I knew he would be more than just our attorney, he became part of our family. He was a light to us that we couldn't even begin to think about seeing for a long time. He treated us as though we were his only case and because he has sat on both sides of the table, with his years of experience as a district attorney and defense attorney, we were sure we were in the right hands. We are very thankful to God for Brian Roberts!

– Chris and Tywanda Ross
Superman attorney!

Totally exceeded my expectations. Brian is the man. I will always recommend Mr. Roberts. I am more than appreciative of his service and demeanor. Thank you, Brian Roberts!
– Kevin
When life happens you want to have the best lawyer on your side. Brian M Roberts is that lawyer.

My experience with Mr. Roberts was awe inspiring. He is meticulous, professional and confident. His interactions with the ADA's and judges gives you insight to the respect he has gained in his profession. Hearing the judge tell me, "you have a great lawyer on your side", not only gave me the confidence I needed to put my worries to rest but also made me realize Mr. Roberts will always be the lawyer I choose to have in my corner...when life happens.
– M. Zubia
Brian is the best defense lawyer anyone could ever ask for, professional, compassionate, understanding.
Our nightmare began May 15, 2017, when my husband received a felony charge. We were referred to Brian Roberts thru a friend. We set up a meeting in the court building after my husband's first court date. He made time for us in between the cases he already had. After explaining our case to Brian, we knew he would be the best to represent my husband in the complicated case we were facing. He didn't just give us the office number he gave us his personal number. Every call we made he answered. If we had questions he would answer them for us. He worked with us personally thru out the entire case. The case was complicated due to being linked to another case. We didn't doubt that he was working hard to find the best possible outcome for the case. 1/19/18 is a day I will never forget. Brian was able to get my husband's case DISMISSED. Brian, we can't thank you enough for everything you did for us. Thank you for showing us the light at the end of the tunnel.
– Nancy P.